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  • Top 5 Fundamentals of Music Makers

    1. Be responsible and do not waste time


    "This is a very common problem, as home studios are becoming more accessible. If you really want to succeed as a producer, you need to be competitive. After all, there are a lot of people who are ready to get up at 6 am and work 16 hours a day.


    "If you are not responsible, then someone will take your customers to themselves. Remember that you are counted not only by performers but also by their families and even by managers. So take your work seriously. "


    2. Be aware, but do not reinvent the wheel


    "Often you keep in touch with events, and you have a desire to contribute. If you follow everyone, you will never become a leader. And this is what each of us wants.


    "It is important to have some unique approach. For example, I began to include cinematic sound effects in metal tracks. And that's what made me popular as a producer.


    "Find a unique approach to a certain style of music, stick to it and constantly develop."


    3. Be ready to work. Do not waste time in vain


    "The worst thing is when you meet an artist, from which inspiration and motivation are flowing, and you do not have a drum set. By the time you set them up, all his ardor will fade.


    "Personally, I'm always ready for work. My equipment is always tuned for vocals, guitars and rhythm sections. And if the performer unexpectedly during the session wants to record vocals for another song, I'm just glad.


    "This is very important in modern conditions, as the demand for" instant "production is higher than ever. I am always ready to satisfy any requests of the artist, and that's what makes me such a popular producer. "


    4. Try to see the whole picture


    "Ask yourself:" how will I approach the recording process? " Will it be an older or new school? With such things, it is necessary to be determined even before the group enters the door at all. You need to think through everything, down to every movement you make in the studio


    "If you approach work from this point of view, then the final product will be more cohesive. If you need to more information about free r&b beats so click here download royalty free r&b beats


    "I like to communicate with performers on the phone or hang out with them at parties. So I can learn a lot and do not need to spend this studio time. "


    5. Enjoy the creativity


    "The example is contagious, and when people feel your energy in the studio, they themselves are charged to it.


    "Of course, there are excellent sad songs, but if you do not follow the level of your mood, then not only you but the whole group will fall into despair.


    "Put art first. If you have a bad day, try to forget about everything, because art is forever. Once a recorded song remains in history forever. "

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